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Great Leaders Build Bench Strength

Every great sports team knows the value of a strong bench. Top talent in reserve. Available players who demonstrate the competence and skill required to get in the game and help drive the team to victory. In business, an organization’s bench strength is every bit as vital to it’s long-term growth and success.

Talent Scout and Treasure Hunter

So, how does a great leader build a great bench? First off, great leaders are always intentionally scouting great talent with a follow-on plan of development in mind. They are proactive in their search, not waiting until vacancies are a reality. Thinking strategically, great leaders take the time to understand and predict the various functional roles that must be filled within the team in the future in order for the team to meet or exceed anticipated goals and objectives. With these roles and capabilities in mind, the exceptional leader embarks on a perpetual treasure hunt for talent who fits the bill.

An Investment of Development

Truly inspirational leaders leverage the outward culture of a high performing team in action in order to attract future team members who themselves become energized and invested in personal and professional development. Knowing that a strong bench of reserve talent is indispensable to the success of their team, a great leader prioritizes the development of his or her future team members alongside that of his or her current lineup of performers. These great leaders make an investment in those in whom they see great potential, equipping them through specific experiences and targeted opportunities both within and outside of the team, developing their skills and talents with clearly defined expectations attached.

A Culture of Explosive Growth

Enthusiastic and engaged top talent on a team’s bench is a potent motivator to those currently on the field of play. This enviable culture is one of continuous growth and stretching to achieve new success, which raises the bar for all players by encouraging them to consistently outperform their personal best. Anyone who has ever played on a team like that can relate to the explosive growth that can happen both individually and collectively within such an environment, as team members step in and step up to a higher level of productivity. There is an artistically sculpted dynamic of teamwork present within that culture that, as a result of nurturing from the leader, transforms an ordinary team into one that is downright magical.

What is the strength and depth of your bench? Have you assessed your reserve talent pool recently. Where is there room for improvement and what will you do next?

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