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Following are examples to include in learning programs:


1st Line Management 101 – Introduction to Management

  • Changing your perspective - Making the transition from individual contributor to managing a team

  • How to develop a philosophy your new team can understand

  • Growing into the role effectively: What tools you should have in your toolbox


Enhance Your Relationship-Building Techniques

  • Developing productive, successful working relationships with direct reports, peers, cross-functional partners, and others within your organization

  • Explore relationship mapping as a networking tool

  • Uncover your style and determine when to flex for greater impact with direct reports

  • Improve ability to prepare for critical conversations


DISC for Leaders

  • The Work of Leaders Process

  • Crafting a Vision

  • Building Alignment

  • Championing Execution


John Maxwell’s Becoming A Person of Influence

  • Leaders are influencers who possess integrity

  • Leaders nurture, listen, and empower others

  • Leaders reproduce other leaders


John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

  • The 5 levels of leadership

  • Leading as a change agent through character and trust

Servant leadership and self-discipline


Building High Performance Teams

  • Differentiate between average and superior teams

  • Identify attributes of high performing teams

  • Understand the impact the characteristics of a winning team have on driving performance

  • Understand role of a leader to drive a performance culture

  • Coaching tools and resources


Communication Within High Performance Teams

  • Identify personal barriers to confidently contributing to business discussions

  • Be empowered and equipped to practice collaborative meaning-making in any business situation

  • Applying “Nexting” and “Level 1 Listening” techniques with confidence to conduct “Fierce” conversations


Impactful Communication and Collaboration – Leaders

  • Strengthen your culture through leadership communication

  • Set expectations, reinforce your message, and inspect what you expect

  • Coach leaders to elevate performance in retaining talent

  • Identify ways to positively reinforce the need for timely, open communication

  • Develop an initial communication plan


Crucial Conversations

  • Identify and overcome common obstacles to meaningful business communication

  • Develop strategies to handle strong emotions with courage and confidence

  • Enhance clarity to enrich overall communication personally and professionally

How Does a Leader Lead a Leader? – Designed for 2nd Line and 3rd Line Leaders

  • Establishing Vision, Mission and Culture is core to leading leaders

  • Uncover leadership skills needed to build leaders

  • Identify how delegation can be used as a development tool

  • Recognize the pitfalls of micromanaging leaders

  • Determine the importance and accountabilities for Coaching and
    Development Planning


How Does a Leader Coach a Leader - Designed for 2nd Line and 3rd Line Leaders

  • Recognize coaching as a key role for the leader of leaders

  • Describe how coaching first line leaders differs from coaching individual contributors

  • Demonstrate the ability to lead tough coaching conversations

  • Identify practical techniques for coaching


How Does a Leader Lead Without Authority?

  • Distinguish between personal and positional sources of power

  • Explain the principles of influencing and how they can be applied

  • Define the behaviors associated with lateral leadership

  • Tools for Leading without Authority for Customer Engagement

  • Initiate an action plan to apply the influence model to increase personal potency in the organization and/or with key customers


Leading Leaders in a VUCA 2.0 World

  • Understand the meaning of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) and the impact it has on our marketplace and leadership

  • Formulate and maximize responses to the challenges of the VUCA world implementing VUCA 2.0: Vision – Understanding – Courage – Adaptability

  • Apply VUCA 2.0 leadership tools and strategies for success in your role


Networking & Mentoring for Leaders - Designed for 2nd Line and 3rd Line Leaders

  • Understand the importance of building organizational networks as key to professional growth and career advancement

  • Initiate a network development plan

  • Understand the importance of mentoring as a development tool, and identify ways to develop and encourage mentorship of self and others

Development Planning

  • The importance of development planning for employee performance and growth

  • Implementation of strategies to pursue career-specific goals and organizational needs

  • The 70/20/10 rule of development planning


Adaptive Change Management

  • The principles of change and its impact on organizational health

  • Navigating changes in leadership, processes, and more

  • Leaders role in effective change management


GROW Coaching

  • Assess current coaching issues you are facing

  • Explore the GROW coaching model

  • Apply a new discipline to help people access their capacity to solve problems, make decisions, and deliver results, moving business priorities forward


John Maxwell’s Leadership Game for Teams

  • Diagnose your team’s grasp of leadership values and practices

  • Engage in open discussions in a relaxed setting

  • Uncover ways to strengthen your team’s leadership abilities


John Maxwell’s Leadership Gold

  • Relational leadership is passionate about making a difference in others

  • Taking responsibility and courageously seeking possibilities

  • Casting vision that inspires others to dream


John Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You

  • The need to raise up future leaders

  • Identifying potential leaders

  • Creating a climate that develops and equips potential leaders


John Maxwell’s Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

  • Challenging mindsets that pave the way for innovation

  • Conflict resolution and leading challenging people

  • Develop future leaders

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