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Following are examples to include in learning programs:


Business Acumen – The Basics

  • Elevate awareness of what comprises Business Acumen and its importance in achieving organizational goals:

    • Quantitative: Strengthen ability to conduct business analysis

    • Qualitative: Recognize the importance of cross-functional team partnership + learning attitudes and motivators of key customer

  • Examine key components of Business Acumen

  • Identify how your strategies and tactics ‘ladder-up’ to the goals of the organization


Business Acumen – Advanced

  • Recognize the importance of solid Business Acumen as a key driver to achieve organizational goals

  • Identify ways to enhance ability to develop stronger Business Acumen skills

  • Explore opportunities to expand perspective – internally & externally


Leveraging Business Acumen

  • Discover how effective business planning aligns with solid Business Acumen to achieve objectives

  • Integrate strategic thinking into Business Acumen development

  • Improve ability to expand perspective and continue enhancing Business Acumen for future success


Managing Account-Based Business

  • Recognize how to identify key stakeholders – internal + external

  • Discover how to develop your action plan + activities with corporate goals for success


Strategic Thinking 101 – The What, Why, & How

  • Distinguish between what constitutes strategy and what constitutes a tactic

  • Recognize what comprises strategic thinking

  • Discuss the importance of thinking strategically in your role



Strategic Thinking 201 – How to Leverage Strategic Thinking to Advance Your Business

  • Recognize what constitutes strategy & strategic thinking

  • Examine critical skills required to think more strategically

  • Identify the ways to become more strategic in your role


Business Writing Made Simple

  • Discover the art of the effective email

  • Recognize your brand is reflective in what you write

  • Build action plans that elicit action: SMART


Composing Effective Performance Evaluations or Work Contact Reports

  • Discover how to prepare for annual performance evaluations 12 months ahead

  • Examine how to articulate impactful written feedback based upon observations


Everything DISC: Sales

  • Understanding the 4 DISC personality styles and associated behaviors

  • Understanding your own DISC style, how you see yourself, and how others see you

  • Exploring the DISC styles of teammates, colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders

  • Develop new strategies for improved communications and collaboration for success


Business Storytelling

  • Explore the art of effective messaging through stories

  • Improve ability to bring data to life through memorable ideas

  • Develop aptitude in influencing others based on their value proposition


Impactful Platform/Presentation Skills

  • Identify principles of conducting effective presentations

  • Discover skills through self-assessment, preparation, practice, and follow up

  • Explore techniques to employ during live and virtual interactions with customers


Negotiating and Influencing

  • The logic of backward mapping in negotiating

  • The critical need for implementation-minded negotiating

  • The sources of influence

  • How to influence to gain commitment


John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

  • Assessing where you are and where you desire to be

  • Understand the principles of growth

  • Design personal strategies to maximize professional growth


  1. John Maxwell’s How to be a REAL Success

  • Adding value to people through relationships

  • Equipping others

  • Attitude awareness

  • Leadership Inventory


John Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

  • Connecting principles for high achievers, average achievers and low achievers

  • How do high achievers communicate to connect?

  • Leaders who connect influence and inspire


Effective Communication Styles for Sales Influence and Greater Impact

  • Uncover your style and determine when to flex for greater impact

  • Improve ability to prepare for critical conversations

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